About Us

RasDashan provides advisory and consultancy service of international standards in the areas of Agriculture, Animal production, Forestry, Horticulture and Irrigation. Our senior accomplished professionals guide customers to achieve intended targets. Our team consists of senior experts from India, Israel and Africa. We do it differently; we take part in implementation of the project instead of just remote advice. We take ownership of the project while implementation.

RasDashan has established linkage with leading agricultural companies in Africa, Israel and Latin America in order to provide local knowledge and resources to our customers based on given situation.

Our Mission

  • Development through innovation
  • Lead our clients from front by sharing responsibilities
  • Catalyze the success by partnering while implementation
  • Facilitate sustainable development, food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through sourcing suitable technologies

Our Team

Profile Summary of Senior Team Members

S.No Specialist Domain Years of Experience No of Professionals
1 Business Exploration, Market Assessment, Data Analytics Using SAS; Business Plans Preparation 10-15 02
2 Land Acquisition (lease and Purchase as per Local Laws) in India, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Ghana etc 15-25 04
3 Green Field Projects on Agriculture, Bio-fuel and Commercial Farming in Asia and Africa 20-25 03
4 Integrated Watershed, Horticulture, Forestry and Agroforestry 20-30 03
5 Organic Farming, Certification and Precision Farming 15-20 02
6 Environment Impact Assessment and Environment Clearance 25 01
7 Manmade Forests- Clonal Plants Production in High Tech Green Houses and Cost-Efficient Hydro-pits, Pulp Wood Plantations and Clonal Plantations in Various Business Modules such as Leave and License, Farm Forestry, Social Forestry and Agroforestry etc 20-30 05
8 Tissue Culture Laboratory Establishment, Comprehensive Support and Training to Clients 20-30 02
9 Extension Education and Training-Agronomy, Forestry, Tissue Culture, Macro-propagation of Plants, Grafting, Watershed and Organic Farming etc 15-30 One Each
10 Contract Farming of Fruits and Vegetables 20-30 03
11 Water Resource Development, Irrigation Systems Development such as Central Pivot, Drip & Sprinkler etc 15-25 02
12 Livestock Projects- Production Planning & Management 10-12 02