Africa Welcomes Potential Investor!!

Africa, the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent is home to 15% of world population with 60% of the world’s total uncultivated-arable land. Its population is the youngest among all continents as 50% of Africans are 19 years old or younger. There is an increasing pool of well-educated, English-speaking and enterprising work-force in Africa. It is increasingly becoming attractive destination for foreign investors due to recent reforms that are witnessed across the continent, resulting in a much improved business environment conducive for FDI’s. If you’re a potential investor who is yet to make a foray into Africa, now is the time to step in and capture a share of Africa’s hidden treasure. As per surveys there are 5 lucrative sectors one might consider investing in: Agriculture (production, value addition & trading), Mining, Tourism, Infrastructure and FMCG.

Few foreigners including Indian-based investors made sporadic efforts to enter African market but due to poor understanding of local situations made them to wrap-up without making significant success.

What is expected from potential investor?

Minimum capital between 2.0 and 2.5 lakhs US dollars to begin operations though it varies from countries to countries. This is your capital -money but need to be transferred in your firm’s account in the country of operation once company is registered. This is just to ensure investors’ financial capabilities. You are free to use this capital for your project implementation.

Investors/members needs to have original-valid passport, yellow-fever vaccination to travel in Africa. Visa is necessary.

What is our role?

With our network and local partners we could assist you in the whole process:-corporates, group or individuals or budding investors etc. to set your firm foot in Africa. We could identify opportunities based on your mission. We could help you in setting up your base, land acquisition, joint ventures (if necessary with local companies), contract farming, procurement of local products and export-imports etc.