Background Information:

Malawi, a small, peaceful and stable country in Southern Africa. The crop originated from India and moved to Africa about 4,000 years ago.  India’s pigeonpea production accounted for 73% of the global production in the year 2007. In Africa, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are the major pigeonpea producing countries.Malawi remained one of the largest producers of pigeonpea in Africa in the period 1991-2006, producing about 78,000 metric tons per year, which accounted for about 28% of the continent’s production. In terms of pigeonpea harvested area, Malawi cultivated about 112,000 hectares per year in the same period (1991-2006) which accounted for 27% of the pigeonpea area in Africa and ranked second after Kenya.  This is how, Malawi is one of the major pigeonpea producing countries in Africa.  Majority of it Pigeon pea is currenlty being exported to India. 

How India Imports Malawi Pigeon pea?

Indian importers get Malawi Pigeon pea through exporters and Dhal/Dhall millers in Malawi. The farmers get low price for their produce, middle-men makes bulk of the profit to ship it to India at higher costs this is how Pigeon pea lands in India or other coasts at higher price. Secondly, suppy is unsustainable and generally quality is not assured.

What Indian Importers/Dhall Millers Could Do to Secure Malawi Pigeon pea at Lower Price & Assure Sustainable Supply?

We could organize large scale of cultivation of Pigeon pea of your choice in Malawi through "outgrowers/contract farming program". It ensures quality, fair price and sustainable supply as well.

If this is interesting to your overall business let's discuss more on the module.